Family-run Liprovit is an independent company within the Fuite group, and a specialist in the development and production of high quality dairy-based calf and piglet nutrition delivered in a liquid format.


Andrés Pintaluba

Andrés Pintaluba, (APSA) was founded by Andreu Pintaluba Esporrín, in the city of Reus in 1978. Committed to animal nutrition and health and established as a family business, this hallmark remains 100% unchanged more than 40 years later.


LifeCircle Nutrition

Our Herb-All products are the natural solution in modern animal feed. The range does not only replace betaine, choline, and all the antibiotics. Moreover it builds up the immunity at the beginning of animal's life.


Olus Plus

OlusPlus is dedicated to improving the health status of animals, reducing antibiotic usage and ensuring safe meat production.



Topro Animal Health products have been available on the Dutch market for professional livestock farming for years. We are a direct contact within livestock farming and know what is going on in the sector.

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